Bangkok; temples, zoos & adventures on Khao San Road

I can honestly, hand on heart tell you that I have never felt so overwhelmed in my whole life, as I felt during my first few days in Thailand. Everything was just…ahh!! Landing at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, being picked up by our wonderful Thai tour guide, the traffic, the amount of people rushing around, seeing Ladyboys everywhere you look, tasting the gorgeous Thai cuisine for the first time…it was all big and scary and exciting! It was all made a lot easier by being introduced to the 17 other faces I’d be spending the next month with, before starting our journey from the wonderfully wacky Khao San road.


The backpacking mecca of Khao San Road

A longtail boat ride down the river was first on our agenda, leading to the incredible temples we were visiting that day. I felt like I was in another world as a little old lady in a little old boat came over to us selling water and goods, as I looked around and took in the beauty of this old but modern city.

Wat Arun was the first temple on our list, as we climbed what felt like a million and four steps to reach the top; where the views were literally out of this world! Thinking about how many years were spent building these temples and how many hands it took makes me feel very small in this big wide world. Other OMG moments that day included (but were not limited to): posing with the reclining Buddha at Wat Po, being taken aback by the stunning beauty of the Grand Palace; as well as my first experience of the unique form of Asian transport, the Tuk Tuk (in which the 3 tuk tuks my friends and I were in were actually having a race, one of them did a wheelie and we actually got stopped by the police!)


the group at Wat Arun

Smashing views from the top of Wat Arun

Grand by name, grand by nature – Grand Palace

The reclining Buddha is too big to even fit in this photo!

Tuk Tuk!

A trip to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without an epic night out; and I have to say, my first big night out on Khao San Road pissed all over every night out I’ve had in the UK! At home you’d struggle to find laughing gas, beer towers, street entertainment, Ladyboys, people in your face asking you to go to Ping Pong shows (not an innocent table tennis show) or yummy scorpions to eat; all of this can be found on Khao San Road. All of this, plus some live bars, twerking in the street (and acquiring an audience) and lots of alcohol made for an absolutely banging night!

A Buddha respecting Ronald McDonald

Twerking in the streeeet…

Surprisingly, I woke up the next day feeling fresh as a daisy! After having an argument with a taxi driver over the price of his services, we ended up at Dusit Zoo; where I fed and posed for selfies with a giraffe named Bin Laden, saw some penguins, tigers, hippos and monkeys: as well as some very odd animals I’ve never seen or heard of before – and I even saw a real life bear for the first time!

Hello Bin Laden!

What even is this?

Absolute stunner!

Not quite a teddy bear!

So that was the end of my Bangkok adventures (for now), this part of my journey only covers 2 days – there’s still the best part of 4 weeks to cover so stay tuned! Next stop, Chiang Mai


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