Chiang Mai; elephants, trekking and jungle adventures (part 2)

*DISCLAIMER* I am SO sorry it has taken me over a month to continue this blog. I’ve been so busy with Christmas and the rest of it…but good news, I got a laptop for Christmas so I can keep on top of this blog writing malarkey now.

Just to refresh your minds as to what was in my last blog post Chiang Mai; elephants, trekking and jungle adventures (part 1): I discussed my near death experience on an elephant, ziplining through the breathtaking Thai jungles and meeting the Long-Neck village tribe. My life changing experiences in the hills of Thailand didn’t end there; and this day I’m about to tell you about – which may have ended with me being drunk as a skunk, in a bamboo hut – was actually the most eye opening day of my life.

With my new Nike runners on my feet, rucksack on my back and water in hand, the day began with an uphill struggle, in the most literal sense. I’m a very unfit person, anyone who knows me would assume that trekking through a jungle in the midday sun, sweating like a whore in church, would be my worst nightmare – but I loved it and it was worth every second. It’s the harder things you do in life that you remember, right? Usually, I get worn out just walking to the bus stop, so I decided to take it slow, often slacking behind everybody else, taking in the incredible views of lush green forest…we even saw a cow! I also took this time as an opportunity to get to know my new pals; having deep discussions about our jobs and home life whilst climbing through trees and rocks, trying not to fall on our arses.


The trek was broken up by a lunch break in which we enjoyed rice out of a bamboo leaf, with the whole jungle at our feet…literally!

We also enjoyed a dip in a glorious waterfall, the feeling of getting to that point after walking in the heat for so long was like walking down the freezer aisle of a supermarket on a summer’s day but 100000000x better.


After a bit more walking, we ended up at our accommodation for the night; a bamboo hut. In all honesty, this was the part of the trip I was least looking forward to; essentially sleeping outside, dealing with squat toilets, so close to all the natural essences of the world…but that’s what made it so great! I would go as far as saying this was the best night of the trip for me, hence the eye-opening experiences I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I learnt that the simple, natural elements of life are enough to make me happy; a night where you’re cut off from the outside world, no internet, surrounded by nature and good people is something I would recommend to everyone. It clears your mind and helps you realise what is important in life.


The evening included helping the local villagers cook dinner for us all over a bonfire and enjoying the meal together surrounded by natural beauty and stunning views, all 18 of us sleeping on mattresses on the floor surrounded by mosquito nets…it was just so surreal. And of course, there was something else involved in the amount of fun we had, something which already seemed to be a running theme of the trip; alcohol of course!


We arrived at the bamboo hut at 3pm, we were straight on the beers and absolutely f*cked by 6:40pm (I only know the exact time as we were all yelling “IT’S 6.40!! WE’RE DRUNK ALREADY!”), and didn’t stop til 1am! Being that intoxicated, in the middle of a jungle, playing weird drinking games with even weirder concoctions of drink, dancing on a bamboo balcony which felt like it was going to collapse beneath me felt like an alcohol induced version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here mixed with The Hunger Games; but it was one of the best experiences of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

So the next day, after a 10 hour drinking binge, the thought of trekking back down the hill made me want to gauge my eyeballs out, but in actual fact, walking is a great hangover cure. The rest of the day was spent bamboo rafting, which was another surreal but incredible relaxing experience; despite the threat of our bamboo boat being turned over – The driver(? is that what you call them?) spared us because I had glasses on, didn’t wanna lose them did I…Anyway, the bamboo rafting was followed by a nice lunch – which I almost choked on (was it the hot chilli sauce? did the noodles just get stuck in my throat? we’ll never know) – before heading into Chiang Mai town and back to civilisation…


4 thoughts on “Chiang Mai; elephants, trekking and jungle adventures (part 2)

  1. Martin Goode says:

    Brilliant stuff Nats, I almost felt as if I was there with you. Can’t wait for the next blog. Glad the new laptop came in handy, Dad xx


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