15 funniest Eastenders “Who Killed Lucy” memes

This is it! After 10 harrowing, long, drawn out months, a week of partially live episodes and a 30th anniversary 2 part featuring a live birth in the pub during a wedding reception, a dead body being found, someone rising from the dead, someone being (potentially) killed by a foot, and a flashback to Good Friday 2014, we FINALLY know who killed Lucy Beale.

CREDIT: BBC Eastenders

CREDIT: BBC Eastenders

Bobby Beale. Lucy’s 11 year old, mostly mute, half brother. As I write this, on Friday morning, 20th February 2015, there are still so many unanswered questions. Why did Bobby kill Lucy? Was it on purpose? Which was the most fatal blow; being pushed over by Max in the car lot, being smacked in the nose by Jake, being “battered” by Abi, getting beaten up by Denise; or Bobby’s final blow via jewelry box? Or a combination of all the above? Why was the front door open before Jane went into the house? Did Max actually enter the house via the back door? Was this before or after Lucy died? Did he see what happened? Who helped Jane move the body to the park where it was found? Did Masood have some knowledge about what happened? Who did Emma speak to on the phone and meet up with in the park? How did Cindy, Ian and Denise sleep through Lucy’s murder? Were any of them also involved?

My brain is truly frazzled! Being the sad case that I am, I went to sleep thinking about all this and have woken up thinking about all this.

Amongst all the confusion, you can always rely on twitter to add some light humour to proceedings. In this 21st century digital age, you’re never watching TV alone. There’s always a much bigger community, watching together and writing their thoughts about it on social media.

Finding out that a pre-pubescent child was responsible for one of the biggest storylines EastEnders has EVER seen produced some side-splittingly hilarious responses; especially in the form of memes.

*cue countdown*


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Yep, we’ve all been there…


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

You’ve just arrived back to the TV show you left a few years ago. It’s a live episode. You have one job. Get the lines right. Okay.

*refers to Ian Beale by the actor’s real name*


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Taking it back a few years here, Eastenders sure do know how to create a mind-blowing plot twist. It’s been about 5 years I think, but I still can’t piece together what series of events led to a gawky teenager impregnating a 40 odd year old woman who wasn’t exactly the most desirable lady on the Square. (sorry Heather, miss you, R.I.P)


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Poor Ian. He sure has been through the wars ain’t he. Losing a kid is always going to be the worst pain you can ever experience; but finding out one of your other children – the youngest one at that – was the culprit. Where will poor Bealey’s loyalties lie?


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Unrelated to Lucy again, but amongst all the chaos going on that night in Albert Square, everyone – including the Eastenders team – seemed to gloss over the fact that Mick Carter may have possibly murdered his evil rapist brother/nephew Dean Wicks by stamping on his throat! I do hope that gets cleared up soon…


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Another one that’s unrelated to Lucy’s death; but did anyone else notice that none of the children of Albert Square (apart from Bobby) have been present during this live week, or at the wedding at all! Kat was getting absolutely cream crackered – where were her 3 brats? Stacey’s little one was nowhere to be seen…and this little demon of a child. Denny, Sharon’s little rat. He hasn’t been seen on the square since September 2014!!

Prior to this, one of Sharon’s most frequent lines was “Denny??” in her annoying high pitched voice; but we haven’t heard her mention him in months…


“Abi, where you been?”

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


Before DC Emma Summerhayes’ untimely death at New Year, she finally managed to find out who killed Lucy. Some of her last scenes saw her make a phonecall to the killer…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


“Whatever she says, she started it” is most probably the best excuse for killing your sibling, but sometimes, when that saying gets old and you’re tired of telling the story, you might want to go for a more direct approach…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


So what happened to this adorable little Bobby…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


This Bobby barely said boo to a goose…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


Ah…that’s what happened

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Say no more…


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

Okay this has nothing to do with Lucy either, but EastEnders 30th anniversary episode saw the beloved Dot Cotton being taken away in the back of a police car, after confessing that she killed her son, “Nasty” Nick Cotton (which technically she didn’t but hey ho). Of course, no one wants to see the nation’s most loved Nanny committed for murder. WE WANT FREEDOM FOR DOROTHY!

In addition to this, Dot’s facial expression and the situation can say so many different things…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

And of course, Dot now has a brand new reputation as Walford’s newest bad gyal…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes


15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

I think the funniest thing to come out of this is that some poor innocent, and very confused, Californian girl was inundated with tweets asking why she killed Lucy. All because her name is Bobbie Beale.

Naturally, she was confused at first. Living in a place where EastEnders isn’t a thing, suddenly getting accused of being a murderer. To make it 10 times funnier, Bobbie’s dog is called Lucy.

Eventually, she saw BBC tweet about Bobby Beale, Lucy etc, looked it up herself and became FAMUSZ! She made it into the news and even joined in the banter…

15 funniest Eastenders "Who Killed Lucy" memes

So there ya have it, my countdown of twitter’s funniest responses to Eastenders 30th anniversary episode. There’s plenty more where that came from, it was very hard narrowing it down to just 15!

Anyway, keep watching Eastenders, here’s hoping that some of the many unanswered questions will be addressed in tonight’s (Friday 20th February 2015) live episode.

now, get out of my blog (Peggy Mitchell style, in case you didn’t get it)